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The first credit bureau in Egypt, which demonstrates how a private credit bureau can be set up in a relatively short time when all stakeholder interests are aligned and the project has backing of the authorities.
The Credit Bureau has been established under the name of the Egyptian Credit Bureau "Estealam". The first general assembly meeting was held on September 5th, 2005.
25 banks in addition to the Social Fund for Development contributed in the company, with an issued capital of 30 million Egyptian pounds distributed to seven million and five hundred thousand shares, the value of each share of four pounds (all the shares in cash).

The founders and subscribers have paid the 25% of the nominal value of the shares upon subscription and completed the paid up capital in February 2007.

The purpose of the company is to provide information services and credit classification.

It includes work in the following areas:

  • Gathering all information about customers, whether associated with credit companies and financial institutions, retailers and credit provided by banks or other views from all available sources of information.
  • Creating certified official records of that information with the company, analyzing the data and classifying it.
  • Creating indicators of credit quality for debtors whether individuals or institutions, making it possible for them to form a sound credit history.
  • Providing financial advice and practical solutions, all of the specialized counseling to individuals or institutions who want to improve the level of credit ratings, or those who want to improve the financial instrument or who want to build a credit history on a sound basis to start by a specific institution (with the exception of legal advice).
  • The sale of information services and products associated service and other new services to all beneficiaries in Egypt and in a manner that does not conflict with the provisions of secret bank accounts.
  • Carrying out the work of the agency in the field of information and credit classification of enterprises or companies linked to their work with the company subject to the provisions of laws, regulations and decisions applicable licensing condition for the exercise of such activities.

Impact of I-Score:

  • I-Score led the process of the creation of the borrower data bank with Unique ID ( GT 5.7 Million).
  • Significant increase in number of credit facilities/loans data base size ( GT 14.3 Million).
  • Catalyst for banks/lenders to improve their data quality, revision of internal lending policies/procedures leading to new avenues to grow credit / improved profitability and advanced skill sets.
  • Contribution to increased awareness among lenders on data quality in acquisition and management.
  • Catalyst for active credit growth with prudence and confidence by providing a unified and robust borrower database across the lending community

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