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Entrepreneurs Awareness

The role of entrepreneurship has become increasingly apparent in economic and social development. Economically, entrepreneurship stimulates markets. The formation of new business leads to job creation and has a multiplying effect on the economy. Socially, entrepreneurship empowers citizens, generates innovation and changes mindsets. These changes have the potential to integrate developing countries into the global economy.
Thus, Entrepreneurship is described as a potential driver to support the economic growth,  since it is important for productivity, innovation and employment. Accordingly, it has been a policy goal of many developed countries to develop a culture of entrepreneurial thinking. This can be done through providing appropriate enabling environment via integrating entrepreneurship into education systems, learning process, technical assistance, legislation and integration among all stakeholders.
Access to finance of small and medium enterprises is extremely important in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation as well improving the state of the national economy in Egypt. Accordingly helping those who decide to start their small enterprise in acquiring necessary entrepreneurial and managerial competencies is essential in order to ensure their success.
Being aware of the importance of entrepreneurship development, EBI SME unit is providing several training packages for Small and medium business owners who need to enhance their understanding of dealing with and satisfying the requirements of banks. 
To bridge the gap between both sides, the SME unit conducts ‘awareness-raising’ events, through which entrepreneurs are acquainted with banks requirements as well as offering a training program titled “SME Guide for Dealing with Banks
The Egyptian Banking Institute launched an initiative in the field of financial education, entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises as it plays an important role in the economic development, facilitate access to finance for small and medium enterprises and generating the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is an important aspect to encourage young graduates to participate in entrepreneurship to enhance the sustainable development of the national economy in Egypt.

The first wave of this initiative was at the University of Al-Ahram Canadian a panel discussion had been held with university students to deepen the concept of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and the important role of small and medium enterprises in the coming era, through the opportunities and obstacles  face these enterprises, and the possibility of bridging the gap between theoretical study and the labor market requirements, this was followed by the workshop about the most important steps that must be followed for the application of strategic planning and building business plans for small and medium  enterprises taking into consideration the importance of creativity and innovation to suit the nature of the Egyptian environment, in addition to displaying a model of the successful experiences of a leading Egyptian businessmen in addition to providing a business plan competition for the audience of students.